Discovering the Strengths and Weaknesses of Graphicdesignawards

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The Lowdown: What is Graphicdesignawards?

Hello Sobat Penurut! Are you familiar with Graphicdesignawards? If you’re a graphic designer, you’ll be interested to know that Graphicdesignawards is an online platform that showcases graphic design works from around the globe. By participating in Graphicdesignawards, you get the chance to boost your portfolio and gain recognition. Graphicdesignawards also provides a network of professionals who share the same interests in visual arts.

Graphicdesignawards hosts its own graphic design competition where professionals and students can participate. The competition isn’t just any ordinary design contest. Instead, it’s an opportunity to showcase your talent to the industry’s bigwigs, allowing you to take the first step towards success. Graphicdesignawards publishes creative submissions of winners, along with their portfolios, in its magazine, which is published four times a year.

If you’re looking for a place to gain exposure and inspire other designers, Graphicdesignawards is your match. However, before you jump on board with the platform, it’s important to understand both its strengths and weaknesses. Stick around for our detailed insights!


Strengths of Graphicdesignawards

1. A High Level of Creative Integrity

Graphicdesignawards holds a high level of creative integrity that promotes authenticity. It requires submissions from designers to be of original content, not stolen, or plagiarized. This way, the final products showcased on the platform represent talent and innovation at its core.


2. Huge Showcase of Talents

The Graphicdesignawards online platform showcases talented designers from all over the world, providing them with the opportunity to develop their skills, showcase their designs, connect with potential clients, and win recognition for their work. The platform has a huge database that caters to various design niches and industries.


3. The Networking Aspect of Graphicdesignawards

Graphicdesignawards is not just an online platform for showcasing your work. It also provides opportunities to connect with fellow designers, potential clients, and business partners. The platform provides a space to communicate with other designers, share your experiences, learn from others, and engage in inspiring conversations about challenges and tips in the industry.


4. Boosting Your Portfolio and Career

Graphicdesignawards is an excellent platform to increase your visibility in the industry, which boosts your career prospects. Winning the Graphicdesignawards competition encourages people to uphold the awards, elevating their prominence in the industry. Moreover, the Graphicdesignawards website also provides an inspiration section that highlights portfolios of talented graphic designers.


5. Fair Judging System

The Graphicdesignawards competition has a robust judging system, ensuring that design submissions are judged with fairness and impartiality. Judges from the industry and experts conduct a thorough assessment of the design submissions based on originality, clarity, creativity, and aesthetics.


6. Opportunities for Young Talent

The Graphicdesignawards competition provides opportunities for young and aspiring graphic designers to showcase their work and talent. It’s a great place for students and young professionals to gain recognition for their design submissions, paving the way for them to network and scale their careers.


7. Easy Access and User-Friendly Interface

Graphicdesignawards has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and submit your creations. The platform is easily accessible from anywhere in the world, whether you download the Graphicdesignawards app or use their website. With its interactive features, you can reach out to other designers, view their portfolios, and connect with potential clients with ease.


Weaknesses of Graphicdesignawards

1. High Submission Fees

The Graphicdesignawards submission fee is higher than most graphic design competitions, which can deter emerging designers who may not have the funds to participate. Although talented designers could benefit from participating in the competition, they may struggle with raising the funds required to enter.


2. Biased Evaluation Criteria

The Graphicdesignawards judges have a set criteria for evaluation, which could be subjective. While the criteria aims to hold up to industry standards, it’s still possible that some submissions may be judged unfairly. The criteria for judging could use a little more clarity in terms of what the panels are looking for.


3. Little Recognition for Non-Winners

The Graphicdesignawards platform highlights only winning submissions, which may not provide ample recognition to non-winners. It may be great for graphic designers to have their portfolios displayed regardless of whether or not they won.


4. No Rewards for Runners-Up

The Graphicdesignawards competition does not provide a reward or recognition for runners-up. It could improve the platform further if they could incorporate recognition for non-winners, providing a boost for individuals looking to improve their skills.


5. Lack of Diversity in Judging Panels

Graphicdesignawards has an obligation to adequately represent the industry as a whole. Diversity within the judging panels is an aspect that needs improvement for the platform to become more inclusive. It would be beneficial to incorporate different perspectives when analyzing the design submissions.


6. Marketing Limited to Designers

The Graphicdesignawards platform primarily markets itself to designers, designers interested in participating in a competition, or employers looking to hire designers. Expanded marketing efforts to clients, brand managers, and media editors could create greater opportunities for designers and creative agencies.


7. Little Explanation of Influence on Reputation

The Graphicdesignawards platform does little to explain how winning the competition or merely submitting a design will influence the designer’s portfolio or the company’s projects. With additional information on this aspect, designers know what to expect in terms of results.


Table Of Graphicdesignawards Information

Fact Information
Type Online Graphic Design Platform
Location Worldwide
Founders Alvin Chan and Felice Chan
Submission Fee US$299
Submitting Deadline December 31, 2021
Annual winners 250+

FAQs For Graphicdesignawards

1. How often does the Graphicdesignawards publish their magazine?

Graphicdesignawards publishes four times each year.

2. What are the benefits of submitting a design on Graphicdesignawards?

Submitting a design on Graphicdesignawards has multiple benefits; these include showcasing your portfolio, gaining recognition, increasing visibility, improving your industry ranking, and getting opportunities to connect with potential clients and partners.

3. What happens if I submit plagiarized work on Graphicdesignawards?

Graphicdesignawards prioritizes ethical integrity; therefore, if you submit plagiarized work, your submission will not be accepted.

4. Who are the judges on Graphicdesignawards?

Graphicdesignawards judges comprise industry professionals from various backgrounds, including photography, design, advertising, and illustration.

5. Is the submission fee refundable on Graphicdesignawards?

No, the Graphicdesignawards submission fee is not refundable. It would help if you were entirely sure about participating before submitting your design.

6. How can non-winners gain exposure on Graphicdesignawards?

Non-winners may gain exposure on Graphicdesignawards by showcasing their portfolios on the platform. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a winner’s portfolio, so it’s a great way to increase exposure and get potential future client views.

7. Can I leave feedback for the judging experience on Graphicdesignawards?

No, graphic designers participating in Graphicdesignawards cannot leave feedback regarding their judging experience.

8. Is Graphicdesignawards available only for professional graphic designers?

No, both professional and non-professional or emerging graphic designers may participate in the competition.

9. How can Graphicdesignawards further improve its platform?

Graphicdesignawards could improve by providing better and more inclusive marketing efforts; spreading the word to brand managers, creative directors, art buyers, and clients to seek the best creative talent on the platform. They can also increase multiple industry-special wins, providing exposure for more designers, and expanding its network.

10. Can I submit more than one design work on Graphicdesignawards?

Yes, you can submit as many design works as you would like on Graphicdesignawards; however, each submission requires a separate submission fee.

11. What prizes do the winners receive on Graphicdesignawards?

Winners receive a Graphidesignawards trophy and certificate, plus their winning work is published in their periodical magazine.

12. How long does the judging process take once submissions close on Graphicdesignawards?

The judges at Graphicdesignawards experience a high volume of submissions requiring careful evaluation, so the judging process may take several weeks. However, there’s no definite time when the winners will be announced, and winners are usually notified by email.

13. Is Graphicdesignawards accepting submissions currently?

Yes, Graphicdesignawards is currently accepting submissions on their website up until December 31st of this year.


We hope our in-depth analysis of Graphicdesignawards provided you with a comprehensive understanding of both the strengths and weaknesses of their platform. We see that the overall strengths outweigh the weaknesses, creating a gem of an opportunity for graphic designers worldwide. Moreover, Graphicdesignawards’ competition provides ample opportunities for young talent, established professionals, and students, whether you’re looking to win or just be validated for your work, Graphicdesignawards is a platform that is well worth considering.

Graphicdesignawards keeps its creative integrity intact by showcasing original content, promotes healthy conversation and learning with fellow creatives and delivers all submissions to balanced judging panels. Now that you’re aware of Graphicdesignawards type, location, founders, website, submission fee, submitting deadline, annual winners, and table of information, it’s up to you to decide whether or not to dive in and participate in the competition.

It would be best if you weighed its strengths and weaknesses to see if it works for you. Graphicdesignawards means business about recognizing talent and providing paths for growth. So, be sure to double-check and get your portfolio ready for submission.

Cheers to your victoryβ€”let’s get started!

DISCLAIMER: This article is an opinion piece that aims to provide detailed insights into the Graphicdesignawards competition platform. This is not an advertisement and does not necessarily reflect the official views or policies of Graphicdesignawards.

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