College education is too important not to have

Too often I hear people say that college education is a waste of time and money. For them, life experience is worth more than one degree. I believe that what they say is true to some extent, but you have to remember that college education is what you make out of it!

If someone goes to college after 4 years just to party and get a piece of paper, it may be better for them to save money.   For others who are in college to learn how to think, make connections, and absorb materials that help humanity move forward, you’ve made the right choice!

It is true that not every person who goes to college makes the right choice for themselves. But don’t try to tell people who go to college that they’re wasting their money just because you chose not to.

One thing that almost everyone forgets is that not everyone has the same goals as everyone else when making the decision to go to college.

For example, you may have been blessed with the opportunity to make money without having to go into the classroom, but the same opportunity will not be available to others. Just because it works for you to never have to go to college, it may not work for others.

Reasons for college

For too long, I have the impression that I don’t need a college education. I made really good money for almost a decade and thought it would go on like this. It was only in the past few years that I realized that money is not the only thing that matters in life.

Not only that, but what works for you now may not always be in the future. Then you come back at the beginning.

  • Money – The main reason for anyone who goes to college is money. They work hard into it and want to be rewarded accordingly. And we all know that, on average, people with a college education earn more in their lives than people who never leave. Yes, there are exceptions and I always have someone tell me, “But I did more than one person with a master’s degree, so you are obviously wrong!”

Yes, there are exceptions, but that’s not the rule. Think about how the lottery works. Many people played it, but none of them quit their jobs because they were waiting to win.

There will be winners who will get the money, but it may not be you. The same reasons can be applied to this situation. Just because some people are lucky and never have to go to college doesn’t mean you have to rely on it.

We always want to take the path that least can stand the success. There’s one thing to keep in mind if you’re going the easy way – because it’s easy, the competition will be fierce!

If you choose to do something that is a little more difficult and requires more thought than anyone can put into it, you will be compensated accordingly.  Now, let’s go back to more reasons why you should get a college education.

  • Signal effect – In economics, signaling refers to the ability to convey a message through an action. What I mean is that if you graduate from college and don’t even learn anything, you still tell your boss that you have a dedication to getting things done in your life. Many companies train you at work on things you’ve never learned in your class, but they still require you to get a degree that relates to the type of work they do. This is due to the signal effect. They want to see that you are not out of school and will learn whatever they teach.
  • Not everything can be learned on their own – There are some things one can learn without having to go to college. These are things like programming or drawing. Imagine if anyone who went to college to study civil engineering would decide that college was a waste of money. Who will build the bridges and buildings in which we work? Sure, we can get some primitive ideas on how to build things, but to really solve more complex problems, it requires an understanding of the principles that have been discovered and solved over time. That brings me to the next point.
  • Learn established principles – Even if you learn something yourself, you will most likely have to open a book. This is the same as going to college. You don’t want to reinvent the wheel every time, so look at what others have published. You will learn to think systematically and coherently. You will learn how to think!
  • That makes sense — so you see people like Bill Gates who dropped out of college and still make billions. Let me take you from cloud nine back to reality. These people are pioneers in the field on which our entire world depends. If you find something that will change the way we live, do business, and communicate, you probably don’t need a college education. For everyone, it’s time to go back to class!

I said before that college education is what you make out of it. Let me elaborate on what I mean so that you can understand it clearly. College isn’t just about learning what you read in books. You can do it yourself.

So why do people want an education at all? Why is there such fierce competition to go to an Ivy League college that charges you so much money? Why not just study alone if college education isn’t worth it?

To answer all these questions, you should take a closer look at things. People go to college not only to get an education, but also to make connections, learn discipline, and gain respect. Making connections is very important for every student.

Not only do a person need to know a lot of things, they also need to know the right person. Imagine that your classmate is the son of a senior vice president of a company. That means you don’t have to worry about getting a job after graduation. You may be able to step on all the other gems waiting to recall.

Therefore, compounds or crosslinks are as important as knowledge of the substance in this book. A perfect example of this can be found in the country’s elite Master of Business Administration colleges such as Harvard, Stanford, Berkley, etc.

To get into their MBA program, they require students to have real-world experience. They require you to have connections that you can bring to class. You don’t really care about what your college degree is and more about who you know.

Getting your college education can be one of the most important things you can do for yourself. We all want to jump right in and start making a lot of money, but it often makes us lose out on pursuing greater opportunities in life that can take us further.

With college, we learn the learning process, become more disciplined, and meet more people. This information can then be passed on to our children, who are better prepared to cope with the demands of the world. Unless you want your child to never go to college and get an education.

The next time you need to go to the doctor for examination, think about what will happen if no one receives their education. It will be like living in the Dark Ages again. Next time you go to an accountant, think about what will happen if he never goes to college.

You think you’d be online now if it weren’t for universities like MIT, Stanford, UCLA, and others that made it all possible? What about your beloved search engine Google? Too many people take for granted things that allow them to live their lives without realizing that colleges and universities have played a big role in it.

If you don’t want to go to college, please don’t tell me that college education is a waste of time and money.